5 Reasons To Learn Korean

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Learning a second or third language isn’t as simple as ABC. Each language is uniquely created and structured from its historical origins; many foreign people find it challenging to master. Although you can learn a language based on your passion, motivation, pace, and frequency of learning, you’ll find that it’s worth it to learn a different language other than your mother tongue. The next big question you need to ask yourself now is: “Why learn Korean?” Is it a perfect language for you? Discover 5 reasons to learn Korean.

The Main Reasons To Learn Korean


Often, people select a foreign language relevant to their lifestyle, culture, connection, or sense of interest. Perhaps, you already have a background of it if your university or your degree requires you to complete a foreign language program. However, if you’re relatively new to a language, start by exploring sites that offer online classes like Hana Korean

The following will give you more reasons to figure out why Korean is the most suitable and fun language to learn for you:

Communicate with Over 70 Million Native Korean Speakers Globally


The population of the country of Korea has about 70 million people. Learning Korean language gives you the privilege to speak with widely dense and diverse native Koreans that are residing everywhere worldwide. Korean culture is considered one of the friendliest and most polite in the world, there are basically many interesting facts for you to uncover through studying their language.

The Korean language is bounded in different ways of communication depending on the person you are going to speak with. They have formal language which include a system of “honorifics” that you must use when you’re talking to strangers, elderly people, or those who have higher positions than you. Then there’s the informal language that you can use when you’re talking to your family and friends. This denotes warmth and a sense of closeness. 


Useful When You Travel and Visit Korea


If Korea is on top the of your must-travel list, you can enroll in a Korean language learning program today. This will make your travel experience more personal and authentic. Go out of your comfort zone, and book a travel package and explore the outskirts of Korea’s countryside. See the places that only locals know about—experience living like a Korean and use their language to communicate with their people.

Korea boasts a lot of the beautiful sceneries in their country. There are those that you may have caught a glimpse of through the K-drama you’ve watched recently. Who wouldn’t get fascinated with the views of Korea? You might never get tired of witnessing their landscapes from their palaces, quaint local villages to their shrines and even their temples. You’ll definitely would want to visit this country in your lifetime. Before you book your flight and hotel, learn some Hangul words and get ready to live like a local. 

Korea Has Been One of the Top Contributors in World Affairs


If you turn on the news or read online resources about current news or events, you’ll always find something about South Korea. This is because the country has been very proactive in its world affairs and social contributions. 

Korea has become an essential partner to the U.S., and there has always been enough attention focused on the political relationship between South and North Korea. When it comes to economic matters and growth, Korea is also one of the many stabilized countries that have invested in many other nations. 

As Korea becomes more globally invested and integrated with other countries, it’s safe to say that Korean culture and language will become more popular and widely used. Learning the language will open opportunities for you to explore economic advantages in the future. 


Korean Pop Industry Is Globally Recognized


main reasons learn korean


If you’re a fan of tracking the billboard charts then and now, you might have observed how an increasing number of Korean boybands and girl groups are on top of it. The world is already familiar and even (for lack of a better word) obsessed with Korean pop (K-pop). If you still remember “Gangnam Style,” which garnered a billion views on YouTube, you’ll realize that it was that time when the Korean craze has been reborn and is here to stay. 

The Korean wave for pop culture is paving its way into the hearts of many people worldwide. Whatever the age, nationality, and gender, many individuals started adding some Korean songs into their playlist, despite not understanding the lyrics. If you’re a fan of K-pop, the better way to enjoy this music is to learn the meanings behind them.


Skip Reading Subtitles When Watching Korean Dramas


The Korean wave is not only limited to the sectors of K-pop but also extends to its film and movie industries. There is an ongoing prolific export of Korean movies and dramas in the rest of the entertainment segments in many other countries. Korean movies are being remade and revised or even bought for local viewing in other nations. Needless to say, people have learned to love how the style and uniqueness of Korean movies and dramas. If you binge-watch Korean shows and series, understanding Hangul will allow you to enjoy the experience better.

Talented actors, actresses, and even directors have taken the spotlight and entertain the world. Even international film awards have started acknowledging the success and astounding performances of Korean celebrities. These favorable impacts have caused a ripple effect, enabling famous Korean faces to be displayed on billboards and promoting international brands. 



Korea has a lot of fascinating things to offer. Make the most out of it by learning their culture and mastering their language. If these reasons are enough for you to decide, then you can start learning Hangul and start your learning program now. 


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