Why You Need A Tutor When Learning A New Language

Let our experts guide you in learning a new language.

The integration of technology in education has not been an entirely smooth process. There has been such a swift move over education that people now believe that the conventional teacher – tutor learning process is becoming redundant. Learning a new language is one of the educational areas that is highly plagued with this mindset. This is often attributed to the abundance of online materials to learn and software and apps to teach. 

However, human teachers remain irreplaceable. While the way we knew the teacher-student dynamic is fast changing. Technology should be an aid to the usual learning process, not a substitute. This birthed online tutoring platforms where tutors get to train students over the internet instead of physically within a classroom. 

Why You Need A Tutor When Learning A New Language

Hence, a student who chooses to learn Latin can have an online Latin tutor and take part in the full learning process of the language. This applies to all languages. Are you still, wondering why you need teachers to learn a new language? Below are some of the reasons why.

1. Tutors are Proven and Qualified

No teaching platform employs the services of an unqualified tutor neither would tutors offering personal services put themselves out there without the necessary qualifications to prove their ability to teach effectively.  

In most cases, language tutors have acquired a good number of certificates in that language. They must have also built a track record of successful tutoring over the years. This is evident in their past students who they might refer to. 

With online learning platforms, past students can leave a review for the teacher based on their experience. This also helps boost your confidence in the language learning process with such tutors.  

2. Teachers Converse with Students in the Target Language

It is very easy to forget translated texts and repeated words after the class has ended. Beyond teaching, most teachers are able to instil learning in students by conversing with students in the language in every class. 

They do this in a less burdening manner so that a beginner doesn’t get scared off. They might start with monosyllabic words and simple sentences to refresh the student’s memory. Then, progressively complex words are added to the dictionary of the student over the period of the lesson. This deliberate effort of the teacher to make the student speak the language eventually helps the student be fluent in both writing and speaking.  

3. They Have Lot of Learning Aids and Advice to Offer

Learning from tutors provides you with the opportunity to share in a wealth of experience you won’t get outside of their teaching. They have so many aids, tips and advice that will keep coming throughout the lessons. 

Some of the advice students will not get from other media of teaching include:

  • advising students to practice the words and sentences learnt per class
  • providing students with literature to read in the language being taught
  • the need for students to look at the big picture of fluent communication and comprehension

By making use of the tips and strategies provided by teachers, students are bound to get learning results. 

4. They Provide A Personalized Teaching Experience

Tutors are indispensable based on the fact that they often put all their effort into improving your knowledge in a chosen language. These teacher-tutor interactions help students to experience personalized coaching periods. 

Human teachers can condition each student’s learning environment and process to suit the individual. Teachers have been doing this a long time, so they know that students vary in the pace of learning, current knowledge state and personalities. Their ability to take note of this doesn’t change even while teaching over the internet. 

It might take them some time to understand the student, but when they do, they can offer the best mode of teaching to the student. Most of the online resources available are based on assumptions on the individual’s learning abilities, and software are less equipped to tune to a personalized teaching environment for each student. 

5. They Encourage Students

Teachers encourage, so they push you to do more than you are used to doing. Whenever a teacher notices a drop in performance, they are quick to point it out and get you working on the necessary parts of your study. On days when you figure you would rather just let it all go; a teacher will be there to keep you on your learning track. 

The urge to quit learning is prevented by teachers as they both teach and encourage students to have a holistic knowledge of the language. They also ensure that students have a balanced study experience as they carefully point out areas the student might be consciously or unconsciously leaving out. 

6. They Assess Students and Provide Feedbacks On their Progress

Teachers hold students accountable by assessing them at intervals throughout the phases of learning. They often do this by organizing short tests and giving assignments at intervals to students. They then take time to mark these assessments for their students. 

Beyond the assessments, tutors may carefully criticize students’ works to help such students to figure out areas where they need improvement. They may offer insights into how the student can improve on specific parts of their learning. This would not happen in the use of software and online materials. 

7. Tutors Are Relatable

A very important reason why tutors are needed in learning languages is that they are human. The learning process is generally made easy because of the relatability of teachers who teach the students. This same holds for online classes. 

Watching the teacher pronounce a word, or the subtle pronunciation differences are some of the things that make the learning process run smoothly. It is the human touch to learning that software, apps and reading materials will lack desperately. 


All technological advancements that have been made in education are to continue to remain known as educational aids. This is because apps, software and online materials will never be able to take the human effect needed for effective learning. 

Language tutors are often qualified and proven professional. They can afford to go every step of your learning journey by encouraging you while at it. They also converse in the target language with students and provide much-needed learning aid and advice to students. To keep track of student performance and ensure, they assess students and give students important feedback on their performance. 


Jake, un nativo inglés del Suroeste de Inglaterra, es el creador y director de Papora. Le apasionan los idiomas y le encanta visitar otros países, viajando así por todo el mundo.