“I love it. At any time of day I can practise and it makes me think about the real sounds of the language without translation and you learn to think in English. Thank you very much.” – Delia, speaks Spanish, learns English

“I loved the course because of how easy the lessons are and the quality of the audio. All in all it’s a very good course I congratulate you, thanks” – José, speaks Spanish, learns English

“Papora is a very effective way to learn. Rather than focusing purely on vocabulary, the lessons incorporate grammar and tenses to help you learn how to formulate sentences, making it much more useful for real life situations.” – Katie, speaks English, learns Spanish

“It’s simple, dynamic and I notice that with every class I’m learning and retaining the information with ease. I don’t usually write these kinds of things but this time you’ve get my 10/10! ” – Carlos Alberto, speaks Spanish, learns English

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