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  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: Sweden
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My name is Minna and i am from Sweden. I gratuated summer of 2010 and now i work as a truckdriver.
On my freetime i likte to be with my boyfriend or play with my dog Rocky. He is a German Separd and i cant say with words how much i love both of them.

I find culture och religion interesting, but i havent explored the world so much. I want to see many places in the world, but right now my work is more important.

I hope to find a penpal here so i can learn alot, but maybe also find a friend! =)Penpal wanted, all over the world. I just want some one to wright with, learn other cultures, religion and way of living. Talk whatever you feel like to talk about!

I can learn you one or to things about Sweden to if you like ;)
I would realy like to learn finnish! my parents are finnish and i have alot of realatives in finland. i spoke finnish when i was young, but have lost the skills.