First Steps

Which languages can I learn with Papora?

Is Papora free?

How can I contact Papora?

How is Papora different to other language courses?

Subscription & Payment

How do I cancel my subscription?

What subscriptions are available?

How do I make a payment to Papora?

When will I be charged?

Is the payment system secure?

What is the refund policy?

I purchased a subscription but I can’t access the lessons in the mobile apps.

The Courses

What courses are available?

Can I also do the courses on my tablet or smartphone?

What levels are the courses based on?

Will Papora add more levels to its courses?

Can I study more than one language?

Does Papora give out certificates or diplomas?

The Community

How can I audio and video chat on Papora?

How do I find a language partner?

General Questions

What does “Support Language” refer to?

How can I find out the latest news about Papora products and offers?