The 10 Best Languages to Learn in the World

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Some people really want to learn a language other than the one that is more natural to them. However, for adults, learning a language can be very difficult, and typically, it can take between five to seven years for people to be able to naturally speak a second language. For some people, learning a second language is a lot easier online and on Papora, we have published a list of 10 best languages that people want to learn. Here is the list that we have created, and the languages are in alphabetical order to make it easier!

The 10 Languages That People Most Want To Learn:

Arabic: Arabic is spoken by almost 300 million people, and the dialect is spoken through the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa.

Chinese: The first people need to understand is that there are two different forms of Chinese, which are Mandarin and Cantonese. Out of these two languages, Cantonese is the most common of the two language, and is even spoken in the United States and Australia. China is growing stronger as a super power, and more of the world is realizing this and learning Chinese.

English: English is the second most spoken language in the world, and many people are learning it so they can do business with Americans or even travel to the United States (If you’re travelling soon and need airport parking, check out Parkon) .

French: French is a language that is spoken in France, but it is also spoken in parts of Canada. Many people want to learn French because it is considered a sophisticated language, but it is also one of the most appealing languages to listen to.

German: German may be a complicated language to learn and speak, but the county of Germany is known for its wide number of businesses that are based in the country.

Hindi: Hindi is the fourth biggest languages spoken in the world because of its association with the country of India. India too is growing as a super power, and its population is also growing exponentially.

Japanese: The country of Japan is known as the most technological in the world, and more people are learning Japan because they are moving there to take advantage of its technology.

Portuguese: People who love soccer, and go to Brazil, want to learn Portuguese so they can communicate better with the population.

Russian: There are over 150 million Russians in the world, which makes it one of the world’s most spoken languages.

Spanish: Behind English, the second most spoken language is Spanish. Spanish is not only spoken in Mexico, but it is spoken in a lot of the Southwest states. Spanish is also spoken throughout South America, and its use all around the world is growing.

In order to help people get better acquainted with the different languages we offer, we do recommend that people read our blog page. We offer many articles about learning new languages, and the information can be quite helpful such as learning a new language with the help of a teacher, or should someone just spend the money and take a class. To make things more fun and interesting, we have also included other information such as what other websites, or major publications, think the top ten list of the most popular languages that people are learning.

Also, the United States government has their own list of the top 10 most learned languages, but their list is slightly different then what we have on our list. According to the United States government, the most important languages include Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Azerbaijani, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Russian.

According to an Internet poll, there are certain languages that are used more often than others, and the list of the most used languages, that people also want to learn, is English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, and Korean.

What do you all think of these different lists of the ten most used languages? Remember, the languages that are the most popular, or the ones that people want to learn the most, is going to depend on a lot of different circumstances. People who work in the technology field, may have a whole different set of languages based on where technology comes from such as India, Japan, China, and even the Middle East. Though no matter what people do, we offer all kinds of language for people to learn.

We also help young children who want to learn different languages, and the techniques we use can be effective whether it is a young child or a fully grown adult that just wants to try their hand at a new language.

We hope that you all agree with this list of languages we created, and when you are ready to begin your language lessons, all you have to do is let us know!


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