4 Reasons Why Every Adult Should Learn a Second (or Third!) Language

Let our experts guide you in learning a new language.

Learning a language as an adult is a challenging process. For that matter, even if you studied another language as a child (when experts say language learning is easiest) you probably felt it was pretty tricky. Though the skeptics out there might find it hard to believe at first, the truth is that the benefits of speaking a second language far outweigh any challenges. Still in doubt? Check out these 4 reasons why every adult should learn a new language and find that motivation to train your brain!

1. You’ll feel accomplished.

Let’s face it: it’s all too easy to get stuck in the everyday predictable routine. While that routine allows stability and consistency, it can also lead to a too-comfortable life. When we fail to change our routine, our brains and bodies suffer. Learning a new language re-invigorates your brain, and creates cerebral challenges we don’t face in our daily practices. Speaking and understanding a second language is not a feat to be taken lightly –once you reach a certain level of comprehension, you’ll feel accomplished and in need of a celebration!

2. You’ll be more marketable.

Being able to speak a second language is a great addition to any resume. Even if a prospective employer isn’t looking for a bilingual person to fill an open position, you’ll be demonstrating your willingness to learn and push yourself in new areas. Employers take note of individuals who have a life outside work and continue developing skills long after their college years have ended.

3. You’ll gain access to a new culture.

Part of learning a language is gaining exposure in just about every way you can. That means you have free reign to watch movies, listen to music, and taste foods from countries where the language is spoken. Let’s say you want to learn Spanish, for example. Why not go to that Chilean wine bar you’ve been hearing about and test your skills reading the vast menu and chatting it up with the server? If you’re eager to learn French, buy that exotic-looking French Vogue you’ve been eyeing at the bookstore. You’ll get to learn all about a whole new cuisine, lifestyle, and all the traditions that go along with a culture that’s probably very different from your own–and all thanks to your commitment to learning a new language!

4. You’ll meet new people.

When it comes to learning a second language, don’t do it alone! Look for opportunities to practice your skills and learn alongside other students near you. If you’re learning Italian, find out if there’s a local Italian community center where you can meet native speakers. If you’re active on social media, use it to your advantage and make new friends online. The Internet is a powerful tool to practice your language skills, with everything from Language Level Tests to online communities helping students of every level make progress in between lessons. Make sure you use the Internet to find additional instructional resources, make new friends, and discover opportunities for exposure to the language in your city.

Dusty Fox writes on behalf of Language Trainers, which provides individually tailored language training on a one-on-one or small group basis worldwide.


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