5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Spanish Language

Let our experts guide you in learning a new language.

If you’re thinking of learning a new language, Spanish is a great one to try. Spoken by one of our closest neighbours as well as in countries all over the world, Spanish is a useful language for businesses and tourists alike. This easy-on-the-ear dialect is also often voted one of the world’s sexiest languages, so any budding Don Juans who want to learn Spanish and impress the opposite sex with their knowledge of the language of seduction, read on…

Did you know?

Did you know, for example, that Spanish is the world’s second most commonly spoken language, with 329 million speakers worldwide? That puts Spanish ahead of English on 328 million, but still a fair way behind the world’s number one language, Chinese, which has over one billion speakers in China alone! The native tongue of a whopping 44 countries, Spanish is also the 4th most widely spoken language in terms of geographical spread. If you learn Spanish, you’ll be able to make friends all across the globe.

It’s easier than you think

For a first timer, trying to learn Spanish can be intimidating, but once you get to grips with the basics, you’ll realise the Spanish is one of the easier language to learn. That’s because it’s actually one of the world’s most phonetic languages, meaning most words are pronounced the way they are spelled. So in Spanish, if you can spell it, you can speak it.

Spanish and English have a lot in common

You might not realise it, but the English language is heavily influenced by Arabic – and so is Spanish! Both languages also share a more commonly known association with Latin, meaning that many words in both languages are very similar, which will help native English speakers to learn Spanish more easily. In fact, you should already recognise more than 3000 Spanish words before you’ve even started.

It’s a funny language…

By which we mean, Spanish is a great language for telling jokes. Spain has a whole host of popular national jokes known as chistes, which take aim at national institutions such as the police and the military. Another thing that might make it easier to learn Spanish (or at least tell jokes in it) – they’re just as fond of a good Doctor Doctor joke as we are.

Spanish was the language of the first modern novel

You may well have heard of or read Don Quixote in school – written in 1605 it is well regarded as a classic of Western literature as well as being considered the first modern novel. It was written by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, in his native tongue and set on Spanish farmlands. It influenced future works by different authors all over the worls.

Well, those are just five fun facts about the Spanish language. You’ll have to learn Spanish now to find out the rest!


Jake, un nativo inglés del Suroeste de Inglaterra, es el creador y director de Papora. Le apasionan los idiomas y le encanta visitar otros países, viajando así por todo el mundo.